Heart Coaster

To make the hearts look like a bit more of a finished product, I decided to add an edge to them – a very simple edge of double crochet, but still, I thought I would write a quick tutorial on how to do it.

Take your completed heart and select a new colour (a contrasting one preferably).

You are going to be joining your yarn here in between the two bumps of the heart.

So attach your yarn, like this

Then chain up 1

And then you are going to work 1 double crochet (single crochet in US) into each stitch until you reach the bottom (20dc)

Then in the next 2 stitches (which should be the double trebles from the previous round) you are going to work 2 dc into each.  This is to make sure the pointy bit of the heart stays pointy.

Then work 1 dc into the next 20 stitches and you should end up back at the top, like this

As you can see, we are not quite back to the beginning, and instead of trying to work double crochets into that ch2 from the last round, we are just going to chain 2 and then slip stitch back into your starting point.

It’s quite hard to show on a photo but this is the beginning of my slip stitch, I am just about to pull a loop through from the back of the work.

I sometimes find ending on a chain a bit messy, so in order for this chain to look neat I turn my work upside down like this before I finish off the slip stitch.

Then the chain tends to sit in the right direction and your work looks more fluid.  Then you just take the tails and sew them in securely.  And it should end up looking like this.

If you have used nice thick chunky yarn, these will be big enough to be used as coasters.

If you don’t fancy the coasters, how about some delicate hanging decorations like these.

Instead of fastening off after your final slip stitch – chain up about 20-25 chains and then slip stitch back into the same space and fasten off, and you will have a cute little decoration.

For the original heart pattern, follow this link here.

Easy Crochet Heart