New Sparkly Yarn

I’m just testing my updating post skills really, and I’m wondering where this post will end up. So here goes…

I was in my local Aldi yesterday and they must be having a craft extravaganza because they had all different types of yarn, craft boxes, fat quarter packs – I could have bought all of it.  However, the thing that really did catch my eye was this:

Some sparkly yarn!   And because I am trying to stock my new Etsy shop with Christmas things I couldn’t resist.  Priced at £2.99 per pack (there’s actually four in a pack not three – I’ve already used a couple of balls to create some sparkly baubles).

See –

I was worried that the sparkly bits running through the yarn would make it difficult to work with, but in fact it made no difference at all.  The only issue I had was when I was sewing in the ends, my needle sometimes caught a loose thread.

Anyway, get yourselves down to Aldi for some fancy yarn.